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Hard Hats

Hard hats, also known as safety helmets, are a must when working on-site, hard hats provide head protection when you need it most. When there is potential for falling objects or hazardous structures protective headgear is required. 

Choosing the correct protection for your head is important. Consider the suitability for certain trades, adjustability of the straps and if any features are required. Helmets can be used with cooling bands or thermal liners. 

Hard hats come in a selection of colours. Each colour indicates a role on construction sites. 
Black: Supervisors
Orange: Slinger/Signaller
White: Site Manager / Competent Operative / Vehicle Marshall 
Blue: Inexperienced Person / Visitor / Apprentice / Architect / Anyone else who doesn’t fall into the above categories.
Green First Aid + Sticker: First Aider
Red Fire Marshal + Sticker: Fire Marshal

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