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Loft Insulation

When you purchase loft insulation roll from Snaffle Building Supplies you can take your pick from big brands. Brands such as Knauf and Superglass and Ursa so you can be sure you’re receiving a quality product. From Knauf loft roll Earthwool Combi-Cut to Superglass ever-popular glass wool loft roll, we have a range of glass wool and mineral wool products.
Glass wool loft roll products, also known as fibreglass insulation, insulate efficiently. When the glass fibres are bound together the process traps small pockets of air, giving thermally insulating properties. Glass wool insulation is often credited with being environmentally friendly. Glass wool is manufactured from recycled glass that would otherwise find itself in a landfill.

Stone wool insulation and slag wool insulation, commonly known as mineral wool insulation, is manufactured by the process of spinning minerals that creates fibres in a candyfloss type pattern. This process traps air and is what gives mineral wool a thermal insulating quality.  ROCKWOOL offers an extensive range of mineral wool insulation roll at both 400mm and 600mm spacings.
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