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Explore our range of domestic and commercial insulation. Insulation disperses or retains heat through the seasons, this maintains a comfortable building temperature. 

Acoustic insulation reduces the transfer of sound between rooms or floors of a building.  Sound insulation can be bought specifically to reduce sound transfer.  You can do two jobs at once. Some insulation products have a dual-use of thermal insulation and acoustic insulation.  

Insulation comes in the form of insulation board, insulation slab, insulation roll and insulated plasterboard. Each has different properties, making them beneficial for different uses. For example, insulation boards at typically used to insulate walls and floors as they are easy to install. Large sheets can be cut to fit between joists.   Insulation boards are produced from PIR, but polystyrene, wood-fibre, and phenolic foam are all options too. 

Loft roll insulation friction-fit into joists and centres. They are often pre-cut which means fitting is easier for one person. Loft roll is often made from glass wool and mineral wool roll.  

Multifoil insulation is a thin insulation type. It works by reflecting heat radiation and can be used on its own or to improve the performance of other insulation. Multifoil is a good product to use for slightly unusual projects such as insulating a campervan as it’s so thin.

Insulation slab is like loft roll, but more rigid. Ideal for deep applications where 100mm or more insulation is required. When applying to walls insulation slab is a favourite as it can be friction-fit but doesn’t need to be fixed. 

Full fill cavity insulation is a way to fill a wall cavity completely.  By installing full fill cavity insulation you reduce the amount of heat loss and condensation that occurs. 
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